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How To Do A Professional Manicure At Home

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New to Electric Nail Filing?

Buying an electric file without knowing how to use it doesn't make any sense at all, which is why you require the proper knowledge in order to perform such a purchase. Fortunately, we're about to show you everything you need to know and where you need to go in order to get the best electric nail file and use it to its best potential.

It's been over 20 years and nail technicians still use electric nail files with their customers. Nevertheless, no one has ever dared to create a guide on how to properly use these files. This is the main reason why there are so many people out there misusing these immensely useful tools.

Fortunately, nail technicians have realized things had to change and have decided to make a rough turn. After all, they know that, if used wrong, these electric nail files might might damage their customers´ nails. Not only that, but it could permanently damage their nail matrix, which would keep the nail from growing properly.

In spite of the fact that most nail technicians attempt to spread knowledge and education about electric nail files, they still have a bad reputation due to the misuse of a handful of other nail technicians. Not only that, but some other technicians go to the extreme and prefer not to use them while, at the same time, they spread false myths about electric nail files.

While these irresponsible nail technicians do exist, we have to state they are the clear minority and do not represent a significant threat to electric files. In fact, most of the community is focused on spreading as much education as possible about these devices.

We can use the Association of Electric File Manufacturers or AEFM as an example. They are an organization that appeared in 1998 due to the bad reputation these devices were gaining. They are now dedicated to training nail professionals in the use of electric files. At a steady pace, this organization is making the responsible use of electric files a reality. So much, a respectable amount of schools from all over the world has now incorporated this program into their curriculums.

Technicians have to realize that being well-educated in the use of these devices is a great way to attract numerous clients, considering the increasing amount of salons that we can encounter nowadays. You have to bear in mind that education involved more than just the nail technicians. Why? Because you have to let your customers know all the benefits that come with the use of the electric file. Only then will they be able to make a good call when asked which method they prefer.

Just like with everything, once you´re well informed about the topic, you will be able to talk about it with authority to your customers. A nail technician that knows what they are doing makes customers feel much safer and confident. On the contrary, there´s nothing worse than a technician who doesn´t know how to explain what they´re about to do to their customers.

If you´re not informed, there´s no way you´ll be able to convince someone who´s had an unpleasant experience in the past to undergo a procedure with this instrument. Now it´s your chance to fix the bad reputation electric files have earned.